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creative_mindRadiant Media Pte Ltd is specifically created to carve a niche in the people service and marketing communication business.


We recognize the ever-challenging need to provide top-scale business communication ideas and channels for global trading and networking. This involves people with professional passion and the technical know-how of transforming selling messages into real business deals and transactions. We are precisely in this trade to serve local and regional business communities. With creativity and commitment, we help companies and organizations achieve their business agendas.


Our goal is to be a highly respected, top advertising agency of choice by fully meeting the needs of our clients - with an unparalleled competence and expertise.


We offer complete flexibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness. We promise every project handled will be accompanied by a unique, ultimate package of service excellence.


Our advertising and marketing communication services are comprehensive. We have gone beyond the stage of being a mere advertising agency. Now, we also take on full-scale public relations and investor relations projects.


  • Media Placement

  • Artwork (Creative Services)

  • Campaign Organization

  • Public Relations

  • Promotional Activities

  • Special Events, Exhibitions & Seminars


Our services in a “Nut Shell”


  • Media Booking

  • Print / TV / Radio / Magazine Advertising

  • Bus & Taxi Panel Advertising

  • Graphic Design

  • TV Production

  • Public Relations

  • Organization of Special events, exhibitions & seminars